An Acute Upset Stomach – What To Do?

Regardless of how careful we are about what we feed our dogs and what we leave lying around the house or the yard and what we expose them to, it is inevitable that occasionally they pick up and eat something they shouldn’t, get into to something that isn’t quite good for them or perhaps contract a bug from another dog.  This can cause any number of symptoms – strange stomach gurgling, diarrhea, loss of appetite and lethargy to name a few.  The severity of symptoms and danger of the illness can vary.  Sometimes it is necessary to bring in a veterinarian to prescribe antibiotics or some other course of conventional medicine to defeat the issue.  Other times it is merely a stomach upset that can be dealt with at home.

While a dog with diarrhea can be a trial to deal with, whether veterinary help is necessary or not, there are things that you can do at home to help the situation.  Diet can be important at times like these – fasting the dog for a 24 hour period in order to allow its digestive system to rest is key.  Feeding a bland diet is the next step.  If you are a raw feeder, you are already feeding what would be termed a bland diet.  Everyone who has owned a dog has been told by a vet to feed rice erica and tripe 2and chicken or rice and hamburger – the reason for this is that most dogs are on a commercial kibble diet.  This diet, with all of its fillers and indigestible parts, is hard to process in a dog’s body.  A meat and rice combination is far easier and will allow their system to heal more quickly.  Raw food is the opposite of kibble and is incredibly easy to digest.  There is therefore no reason to stop feeding raw and start feeding cooked chicken and rice – it would only serve the same purpose your current diet it handling – ease of digestion.  There are indeed some raw foods that are easier for a dog to handle and can help a gastrointestinal problem – chiefly, raw green tripe.  Once your dog comes off of what is usually a 24 hour fast, starting them on a bland, easy to digest diet is always a good next step.  Raw green tripe is a gentle food that will help heal their digestive system by the pro-biotics and digestive enzymes that it provides.

Generally speaking, it is prudent to also give your dog extra pro-biotics as well.  More often than not, gastrointestinal upset will deplete the good bacterias in the digestive system.  Harmful bacterias have taken full advantage and have largely overcome the beneficial flora.  In order to facilitate a full recovery, it is often necessary for us to supplement our dog’s diet.  For dogs that suffer from acute issues with their digestive systems, it is best to treat it with a pro-biotic meant for just that purpose.  Chronic issues are best dealt with using a daily pro-biotic powder, acute issues, on the other hand, are in need of something a little more concentrated such as the Dogzymes Canine Paste.  This product is perfect for nailing digestive disorders as they are happening and can quite often stop them in their tracks.  Filled with beneficial bacterias such as acidophilus.  It is easy to throw in your bag and take just about anywhere as it has no need for refrigeration and has a shelf life of three years!  In times of stress, Canine Paste can be given at double the dosage, and with a combination of fasting and easing into a bland diet, can be a handy tool for defeating the dreaded ‘dire rear’.

As with any sort of health issue in our dogs, a licensed veterinarian should be consulted if your dog is running a fever, showing symptoms such as lethargy, inappetance etc.  Anything that is not normal behavior for your dog is suspect and we must use our best judgment to determine whether or not a vet should be consulted.  Remember that severe diarrhea can be the result of many things – it may be as simple as a bug they picked up at the park that will resolve itself or a bad mouthful of rotten garbage they picked up in the yard that will just require time to heal.  Conversely, diarrhea can be indicative of something more serious – Giardia, Campylobacter, an intestinal blockage or a serious illness.  Be sure to take no chances and when in doubt, call your vet.

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