Always In Search of the Indestructible Toy

As a group, dog owners spend more money on toys for our pups than many parents spend on their kids!  Just think back to how many toys you have purchased to get an idea of that particular big picture!  We want our dogs to be entertained but we also want the best toy for our money.  Let’s be honest, spending big bucks on toys that only last a

Floppy flying disc that will hold up to just about ANY dog no matter how determined! Have your frisbee and throw it too!

week, a day, an hour, is craziness!  The ultimate goal?  Something that our dogs actually LIKE and that isn’t completely destroy in short order.

To that end, we bring you the West Paw series of toys!  Tough, durable, wacky and fun.  These toys tend to be as close to indestructible as a toy can get – though we all know NOTHING is absolute!  Judging from the comments of our customers, the West Paw toys seem to be some of the hardiest around.  There are five different varieties – Bumi, Hurley, Huck, Zisc and Tux – so certain to be at least ONE that your dog loves!  They bounce, they float, but most of all they last!  The Tux is even a stuffable toy which means you can jam pack it full of your dog’s favorite treat before you leave him home for the day – nothing they

Tough and stuffable!

love better than that!  West Paw also offers a one time free replacement if your dog happens to find a way to destroy one of their toys – just go to their website and they’ll tell you what to do!

So while nobody can guarantee “indestructible”, we like to think that we are giving you a viable chance at that coveted indestructible toy….then again, you might have one of THOSE dogs….almost every household does!  At least these West Paw toys might buy you more than a week!  One can always hope.