Allergy Problem Solved – With RAW!

Our dog, Max, developed severe allergies when he was 4 months old.  He would bite at his legs and feet all the time and chew the hair off in spots on his body.  He was seen by his vet and treated for allergies with several different prescription medications as well as several different foods made especially for “dogs with allergies” — all to no avail.  When he was 2, we even took him to a veterinary dermatologist and spent tons of money on visits and prescribed medicines for about a year.  When all these prescribed medicines didn’t work, we decided to quit it all and go back to the basics.  We took him to a local holistic vet who started him on an herbal vitamin supplement, salmon oil and your Raw food.  Within 3 months we noticed a marked improvement in Max’s condition, and within 6 months he was hardly scratching or biting at all.  Within a year, his coat was back to normal, and he has been a happy and allergy-free dog ever since.  Thank you, Dani, for marketing your Raw food!  It has truly been a lifesaver for Max.


Barb S.

Beaver, PA