All Dogs Love Crackles!

crackle head 1It has been fairly established that dogs are enamored by the sound of crackling water bottles.  Toys that contain an actual bottle, soda bottles taken out of the trash (sneaky rascals), bottles swiped off of the table.  They just love them!  The sound seems to intrigue and mesmerize them, and much time is spent just making old bottles make that sound.  Now, we present an even better bottle experience for your dog!

Introducing the Crackle Head Cuz and Crackle Head Ball.  Taking bottles to a higher level for the enjoyment of your pet!  Based upon the best selling Cuz toys, the Crackle Heads add another dimension to that successful product.  Still made out of the same durable hard to destroy rubber as the Cuz toys, the Crackle Heads offer a center filled with delightfully crackly bottle material.  The Crackle Head Cuz still has the same wacky careening bounce that it has always had but now with an extra added crackly bonus!  The Crackle Head Ball gives a new twist on the basic ball.  Perfect for ball crazy canines, this is a ball of a different sort which will help to keep their interest and make fetch even more fun than it already was!  The center of the ball contains bottle material and the openings in the rubber shell of the ball allow for dogs to get a good grip while making those delightful noises.  Much more interesting than just a squeak, this is a ball that most dogs can entertain themselves with!

The Crackle Head toys are tough and durable – far more so than just a plain old water bottle.  They are both available in small, medium or large to satisfy dogs of any size.  Their design and their texture make them irresistible for any dog.  Squishy, crackly and all around fun!