A Place For Paws is on Facebook!

A Place For Paws has hurtled into the realm of social media and offers three Facebook pages for your enjoyment!  Keep up to date with everything that’s happening at A Place For Paws by liking our pages and following us.

A Place For Paws main page is primarily dedicated to our training and daycare endeavors.  Not only will you see lots of photos, but you will also be notified of upcoming events as well.  You’ll never miss a thing when you like this page!  We

How cool! I’m definitely liking all THREE pages! WOOHOO!!

also will include interesting and fun articles about training, toys and general doggy behavior.

Nothing But…Treats is our page that is dedicated to all things TREAT!  We feature our fabulous Nothing But…Treats with some shout outs to other brands that fit the bill as safe and healthy.  Informational posts and photos are also included as well as notifications of any new products.  A great place to learn about what is good for your pets and what might hurt them.  We aim to keep you informed and educated!

A Place For Paws RAW is our third page, and is chock full of diet information, health information and cool pictures.  Whether you are a raw feeder, an aspiring raw feeder or just someone who cares about the health and well being of their pets, this is a great page for you to follow – its practically perfect for ANY pet owner.

While each of our three pages brings something unique and individual to the table, they are all full of information important to anyone who owns a pet.  We hope to have special offers in the future as well as photo contests (with cool prizes!) and other fun items.  Don’t delay – click that like button and take part of our amazing Facebook Trilogy!