A picture of health and vitality! Raw WORKS!


Time to share another client success story! How gorgeous are these dogs??? True poster kids for raw feeding without a doubt!

My name is Noel and my partner Walter live in NC. We have a brindle great dane and her puppy – a fawn great dane. I am from England and have always fed my danes raw green tripe along with kibble. When we got Gypsy, our foundation bitch, we did not know where to find green tripe here in the US so when we found your website and ordered our first 50 lb package we were hooked. When Gypsy had our first litter we ordered the 2lb packs of tripe to give to all new owners and we kept one of the litter, Violet. Gypsy and Violet have tripe every day and even the breeder who sold us Gypsy is now a Place for Paws customer. She sees the great coat that our girls have and decided to try some as her male dog, 4 points away from becoming a champion, stopped eating and I was at a show and said to her ” try some of this ” . Since then they have been shopping at a Place for Paws. I know from my previous experience in England with feeding my danes tripe that I have not had a case of bloat with any of them and I swear that the tripe is one of the reasons that they never had bloat as it is made from the stomach and provides the enzymes that help prevent it. Even our mentors who helped us with our first litter of 7 pups do order it when they have to go to a show. We may not like the smell all that much – but it is heaven to the danes.


Noel and Walter