How About We Pay YOU!

When it comes to advertising, some companies spend thousands of dollars marketing their wares courtesy of ad companies and the like.  Our thought is, why pay a stranger when we can pay our loyal customers instead!

Now listen closely, you have GOT to call A Place For Paws and try their food – its AMAZING!!

Spread the word!  Let your friends know about us and make sure they tell us that you sent them.  We will pay you $10.00 for every customer you send to us and give that new customer 10% off of their first order.  Can’t beat that!  It’s a win-win for everyone involved.  Simply tell the person you are referring to call us to order, mentioning your name to us during the call or have them write it in the comments section when ordering online.  Easy!

Remember – we can’t pay you if we don’t know that you sent.  Make sure to tell them just what to do and don’t forget to mention the discount they will get!  Now get on out there and start spreadin’ the news!