10 Raw Feeding Myths

1. “It Won’t Be A Balanced Diet” – Raw diets are generally balanced over time just as our human diets are.  It is not necessary to completely balance any diet daily so long as over time all nutrition needs are met.

2.   “My Dog Will Die From the Bacteria!” – Dogs are not humans and have a much shorter and stronger digestive system.  They are built to eat raw meat and unless immune compromised will have no problem dealing with any bacterias.

3.  “Eating Raw Meat Will Make My Dog Bloodthirsty!” – Nonsense.  Your dog no sooner relates the meat in his bowl to an actual living and breathing creature than he would the kibble in his bowl.

4.  “Chicken Bones Will Kill My Dog!” – Cooked chicken bones WILL potentially kill your dog.  Raw bones are something completely different and even the smallest of dogs can chew these flexible easily digested bones up and enjoy!

5. “My House Will Be Full Of Bacteria!” – You handle your own raw meat and it doesn’t kill you – no difference with your dog’s food.  Employ the same handling techniques and cleaning protocols and nothing to worry about!

6.  “I Can’t Feed Raw And Travel” – Your dog’s next meal is as close as the grocery store down the street.  You can either bring food with you in a cooler or simply hop on down to the market and pick up some chicken thighs.  Its that easy

7. “Feeding Raw Is Way Too Expensive” – In reality by feeding a mixture of pre-made mixes and whole bone in pieces you generally won’t spend more than you do for a bag of quality kibble and likely even LESS

8. “I Can Just Feed My Dog Chicken Every Day” – The basis of a quality raw diet is VARIETY.  In order for your dog to remain healthy you must feed a variety of protein sources to give him the different nutrition offered by each kind of meat

9. “It Takes Too Much Time” – Feeding raw takes no more time than feeding kibble.  Simply put it in the bowl and set it down for your dog.  There are no extra steps!

10. “How Will I Find Exotic Proteins?”  – You don’t need to.  Certainly its nice to feed stuff like quail and emu if its available to you but don’t worry if its not – your dog will do fine on less exotic things like beef, chicken, turkey, lamb and pork.